Sunday, October 18, 2009

God Girl

What does a God Girl look like to you?

Tonight in Middle School Girls Group we talked about what a God Girl looks like! After we added all we thought a God Girl looked like to my AMAZING Drawing! (HA HA) We listened to Natalie Grant's song Perfect People! And had a great discussion about what a God girl really is, not a perfect girl but a girl who seeks out to be in a relationship with God. A Girl seeking God's direction for her life. A God girl is one who is willing to die to self, to have a new life in Christ!

We learned that God changes lives. There is no question, about this but if He (God) hasn't changed yours, it's because you haven't let him!
Deep I know!

Did you know that your skin sheds every 30 days! (EWW GROSS!) but it needs to do this so that the new skin can grow, and heal. Kind of like in our lives we need to get rid of the old skin (our sin, our baggage, our junk) so that God can bring healing new skin (His Love, His Peace, His Promises for us)

A God Girl is a Girl Connected to God!

What will you do to stay connected to God?

Read Chapter 2 for our Next Girls Group Meeting: November 1st Hope to see you there!

Have a Beautiful Day!


P.S. have you told yourself your Beautiful today?

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