Monday, March 26, 2012

Prince Running Back & A Love letter from God!

Hello Beautiful Girls! Boy have I missed meeting with you!  So until we meet again I thought I would share this devotion (that I shared with the girls on the Spring Break Mission Trip).  It's from the Book His Princess Girl Talk with God by Sheri Rose Shepherd.

Prince Running Back 
When I was in High School, I was running slow laps around the track one day like a whimp.  I heard someone yell from the back of the bleachers, "pick up your knees and run faster!" I looked over to see a typical "jock," a very handsome, dark-haired guy I knew was on the football team.  
He yelled again, but I didn't realize he was yelling at me-good-looking boys had never noticed me before, so I ignored him.  Then he ran down on the track beside me and said, "Did you hear me? Get your knees up and run faster!"  

"Why Should I?" I asked him.  
"Because you need to run harder if you're going to  be the next Miss USA," he shot back at me
 "What makes you think I want to be Miss USA?" I asked.
"Last year when you were weighing in at the health club, I was standing in line right behind you," he told me.  "I heard you tell the manager your goals."
Now I was embarrassed , so I answered, "I was only kidding. I could never be Miss USA."
"I've watched you," He told me .  "I've seen you get off drugs and lose all that weight. I think you can do anything. I'm proud of you." 
I started to cry tears of joy, because no one other than my dad and stepmom had ever been proud of me or believed in me. I found out that this running back's name was Mark, but from that day on, I called him Prince Running Back.  After he finished running with me, he offered to train me for the pageant. "What pageant?" I asked.  
"The one I am entering  you in next year," he replied.  I thought I Must be dreaming.  Someone had seen the best in me even before I had become the best version of me.  But Prince Running Back  taught me to believe that I could do anything if I would change the way I looked at myself and the world around me.  

Ask God to open your eyes to how He sees you, and then let your Daddy in heaven change the way you see yourself and others.  

IF GOD WROTE A LOVE LETTER TO YOU..... (This is what it would say)

MY Beautiful Girl~ I see greatness in you. Don't be afraid to dream big just because of past disappointments.  Remember, it wasn't your Faith in Me that failed you, it was your faith in people that caused the  pain of broken dreams.  I can do anything you ask in My name.  King David started out as a small shepherd boy, but had faith big enough to kill a giant.  I am just as real today in you as I was for David back then.  So ask Me, obey Me, and seek Me with all your heart, mind, and strength .  And then watch My promises to you come to pass in My perfect time.  

Your Daddy in Heaven

God can do anything, you know--far more than  you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!  Ephesians 3:20 (The Message) 

Have a Beautiful Day!