Monday, September 7, 2009

~*~ Middle School Girls Group Kick Off ~*~

Above are just a few of the pictures from tonights Middle School Girl Group Kick Off. I hope you enjoy them. I am excited for this new year and the girls that will be there. We had some great food, fun, laughs, and of course lots and lots of smore's. Have a Beautiful Day! I hope you will join us this year as we learn more and grown closer to one another and to God.


lydia t said...

looks like u guys had sooo much fun i really wish i could have gone darn mabey next time

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you girls and I'm so glad that you have this girls group for you to get together and act in love as sisters in Christ. I never had anything like this growing up and it makes me sad because I know how important it is to have girls alongside you not against you. Christina you are doing a wonderful job! Thank you so much for taking time to invest in these beautiful young women of God. I'm so glad your family came to be here with us in Kansas! And thanks for reminding me that I am BEAUTIFUL.. Even I forget that sometimes.

C.C. said...

Thanks Haley I didn't have this either and really could have used, I am just glad that God canuse those things from our past to grow us and bring us closer to Him and in turn Help others!

P.S. And you are Beautiful! <3