Sunday, August 30, 2009

~*~ Queen Esther ~*~

Ok so this past week I reread the book of Esther and it reminded me that even though we may not understand or like our circumstances God can bring good from them. Ok so the challenge this week is to read the book of Esther it's only 10 chapter you can do it! I believe in you! Ok so What can Esther teach us? Lots! So lets start at the begining Esther lived with her Uncle Mordecai, the Jewish People were in exile at the time. Xerxes was King and like to party! This were Esther comes into the story. King Xerxes was in the middle of a party and called for his wife the Queen to come to him. He wanted to show her off but she refused! So he got rid of her. Just like that! So the King asks his officials to gather some girls because he needs to find a new Queen. So they call the girls to come and Esther is one of them. Immediately the King Likes her. She is Beautiful. At this point I can't even imagine what Esther might be thinking, or feeling. But God knew that Esther would save the Jewish people! (You'll have to read Esther to find out the details!)

God does that uses us when we feel the most useless. I've seen it happen many times in my life. Our move from Ohio to Kansas was one of those times. I moved to Kansas not knowing anyone! And God used that to draw me closer to him, to change some things in me that needed changing. At my weakest he is strongest. I may not always understand why things happen, or what God's purpose is but I believe and I know that He can bring good from it, even if I never see it. That's what Faith is Believing and knowing God will work it out even when we can't possible see it.

Another thing I learned, got from Esther is that we need to be obedient to God. God called Esther to save her people. All this weighed on young Esther's shoulders. She didn't whine and say sorry God can't do it. Instead she fasted and prayed and asked her friends to do the same. And God gave her a way.

The Book of Esther shows that we have a choice to see the hand of God in our circumstances in our life and not seeing things as merely coincidence. God is the sovereign Ruler of the universe and we can be assured that His plans will not be moved.

So have you been used by God? Can you relate to Esther? Tell me what ya think! Oh and read Esther1-10.

Know You are loved. Thought of and Prayed for!


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